24 thoughts on “abs fast II EXTREME workout ( 1 week flat tummy)”

  1. OMFG this has turned into my new routine!

    It works so well- yess it is hard at first but after like a week you no longer feel any pain-you still sweat though.

    I now have amended the routine around me though-
    Plank dips x50 reps
    Mountain climbers x50 reps
    Plank 30 sec
    sit ups x20
    Dish 20 sec
    Crunches x20
    Sit ups x20
    Dish 20 sec
    Crunches x20
    Repeat x3


  2. I’m try a get rid of my belly even tho it’s not that big it’s just whenever I eat a big meal or drink lots of water I get super bloated so I’m try a work it down

  3. The moment when you immediately look at your stomach to see any changes after the workout, still knowing that there won’t be any changes.
    Am I the only one?

    Btw sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker.

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