26 thoughts on “ABS & FLAT BELLY WORKOUT (Get Rid of LOWER BELLY FAT)”

  1. guys this actually works. i've been doing this for 4 days and i see MAJOR results. my stomach is so flat and i see a line coming down the middle i really recommend this.

  2. Abs & Flat Belly Workout (30secs each)

    Cross Cross Punch (one leg over the other)
    V Crunch (pulling body in and out)
    Alternate Leg Crunch (arm touch opposite leg)
    Swimmer Kick Crunch (legs up and down)
    Cross Side Crunch (hand touch opposite knee)
    Heel Touch (flat back , touch heels)
    Bicycle Crunch (biking with elbows)
    Plank Leg Lift (downward facing dog with switching leg up in air)

  3. Honestly after sulking for 30 mins on how overweight I am I realized that wasn’t gonna do anything if u wanted change I had it work for it, and it’s not like I have to get in shape fast cause I can’t even leave my own home so imma start today and show I my progress

  4. i have been doing other workouts from Gabriella but today was the first day i did this one and damn it was hard
    day 2: the first two ab workouts are the hardest but ir gets easier
    i stopped but im back again
    day 1: hardd
    day 2: really felt it
    day 3: ughh it burnsss

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