Better Posture Workout – Exercises to Improve Posture and Prevent Hunched Shoulders

Take a quick break from sitting at the computer and try this feel-good Better Posture Workout that can improve your overall posture, relieve back tension, and fix hunched shoulders. Calorie burn info @

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36 thoughts on “Better Posture Workout – Exercises to Improve Posture and Prevent Hunched Shoulders”

  1. I find this workout really helpful especially now with Corona/homeoffice. It helps me to relax and stretch my stiff back and shoulder muscles after just sitting all day long in front of my computer. Thank you!

  2. I immediately saw the results!I have a very round back and now it’s getting so much better(I say 70% less curved)!I have been doing these excercises every 2 days for a month and now changing for heavier weights.

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  4. can you do this without the weights until you get used to it?, i use to do your weight workouts butt after a car accident using weights really tighten and stiffen me up

  5. Once I did this routine it even relieved my back pain! I’ve only started back at it again, so my posture has improved just a little bit, so I need to carry on doing it and posture will definitely get better.
    The reason why I have bad posture is because I draw, I do schoolwork I go on my phone…and at all of those moments, I am hunching. It’s so easy to fall back into the same habit so imma try to keep bringing my shoulders back like my mum tells me too. Thanks FitnessBlender !!

  6. This routine really has been a lifesaver for me. I'm in my mid-twenties and suffer from really bad back and neck pain that doctors can't fully figure out. This workout gives me a sense of pain relief that is better than anything else I have tried. It's similar to what I did in physical therapy and I really find it to make a huge difference. Thank you for all of your work on this channel ❤️

  7. wowowo this is an amazing workout. especially the last one and the up and out shoulder raise. i felt so good after all day of sitting for work. thank you guys!

  8. I have a weird condition that makes doing mundane things with my arms very painful, and it gets way worse if I have bad posture and a weak back. I can't go to physical therapy so I really can't thank you enough for this video. It's helped me so much and brought so much relief. I even use bottles of wine as weights and it works great!

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