Detox water for Weight loss + Flat Belly/ Tummy + Glowing Skin

Welcome to our Channel..In this video i shared best and Effective way of Detox our body..This water helps to weight loss, flat belly and glowing skin.. For best Results you must follow Healthy Balanced Diet and Life Style..

1.Water———-2 Ltrs ( Soak all the Ingredients into water mini.4 hrs and maxi.8 hrs only.. Drink this water slowly and whole day for best result …Also follow Healthy Balanced diet and Lifestyle)
2.Cucumber–Medium size-1 No
3.Lemon——–Medium size–1 No
4.Fresh Mint Leaves—20 Nos
5.Grated Ginger–1 Teaspoon

CUCUMBER– Rich of Fiber–helps to improve our Digestive system, Flush out Toxins from our body and Avoid Dehydration
LEMON— Rich of Vitamin C and Potassium–Helps to Weight loss and flat Tummy/ Belly..Removes Toxins from the food we consume.
MINT– Improves digestive system and Liver Function
GINGER–Best Appetizer–Boost our Metabolism of our Body

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