Easy and FUN Flat Belly Workout | Quick Abdominal Exercises

Easy & FUN Flat Belly Workout | Quick Abdominal Exercises /// If you’re looking for great abdominal exercises to lose belly fat or keep fit, then you’ve found the best, quick belly workout for women and men!

This is a pretty easy belly workout, and even a great at home abdominal exercise for seniors.

I like to do my flat belly workout without equipment so I can show you exactly how to do fast abdominal workouts for some fast abdominal weight loss!

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33 thoughts on “Easy and FUN Flat Belly Workout | Quick Abdominal Exercises”

  1. My hubs keeps grabbing my belly fat and kind of sweetly begging me to do something about it – literally for my own health. I have to measure myself, this is my first morning and I’m excited to do this with my daughter in law who lives with us along with my son. THANK YOU!!!! New!! Doable!! Not so demanding that I’ll never do it and beautiful background to look at. And you are super pleasant.

  2. Thank you this is a great work out but I really miss not having your commentary and encouragement during. Could you add commentary etc audio to the video or is there another one the same with audio? Thank you

  3. I love your workouts! I have been doing them for 2-3 months now. I have seen great results with my body. Thank you! I also have 3 kids so I don't have a lot of time.
    I wanted say that I prefer hearing you talk through the workouts. I also like when you run the workout a few times so I don't have to scroll back to begin again.
    Thanks again! I love both, you & Grace!

  4. After my second pregnancy at almost 45 years old, I tried to exercise very hard and end up with back pain and diastasis recti (3 fingers gap). Now Im almost healed and wants to go back to regular exercises. Is this "one and done workout" safe for me?

  5. Oooh-hooo!!! Help is on the way!!!

    I'm 72 and I gained about 10lbs over the last 8, 9 months. The Covid19 situation has definitely NOT helped. SO glad to have found you, will start with these tomorrow morning!

  6. Enjoying your workouts and has helped my menopause middle that seemed to suddenly appear overnight! Random question – what are the name of the shorts you are wearing and where may I find them? They look super comfy and functional!

  7. Please help, all of the sudden when I play the workouts in you tube music plays over your voice not allowing me to hear the instructions. Is this you tube or something new you have added? BTW, love this one

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