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Are you looking for a flat stomach? These exercises for a flat tummy can be performed as a home workout alone or after your fitness workout routine.

This sequence is designed to give you a total body workout, and draw attention to common misalignments to help you use the proper muscles and help nourish the organs while in the postures, instead of put undue strain on them. All this so you can feel your best and learn to practice healthy for a lifetime.

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Exercises For a Flat Stomach


28 thoughts on “Exercises For A Flat Stomach | Yoga Dose”

  1. I'm late to the party but I'm glad I just found this video, I'll definitely be doing it again! I pooped out at the end but hopefully next time I can finish strong!

  2. Hi, thank you for the video. Would it be possible to remove the ads from the middle of the video? I wouldn't mind them being at the start and end, but it's really disruptive having to stomach them during poses.

  3. Whichever exercise (Yoga or Gym) one takes is not going to bring any change unless one controls his diet. Later, we simply end up blaming yoga, which is easy to do, while overlooking our diet.

  4. I came across this video about four days ago and I began to follow the video and exercise everyday. It works very well for me as I found myself perspiring more and felt better. I’ll keep practising and hope to get healthier. Thanks a lot Tim.

  5. Last one was soooooo tough! I toughed out the second part, but boy I missed not taking the break for the third. Tim you're a cool guy. thanks a lot

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