29 thoughts on “Flat Belly Abs Challenge Before/After Results + Tips | Did it Work for Others”

    -edit. Do check out my latest plank challenge to go with this flat belly program. Just adjust the schedule!

  2. I undereat by about 850-1000 calories because I went through a stage I needed to eat less and if I eat more then that I feel sick so…how do i change that

  3. I have a question. There's 5 videos. Are we supposed to do all 5 everyday or alternate ep 1-ep5 for 30 days?

  4. I love seeing your results it makes me feel so much more confident in myself and makes me feel like I can do the work I need to look better❤️

  5. I’m on day 6 and I just finished the workout for today, tomorrow is rest day so yeiii! I just wanna to say that I feel amazing the first day the hardest part were the side planks and today I just stopped once and that is an improvement, even if I don’t reach my original goals at the end of the program I would not care, cause I know i will be stronger physically and mentally so keep it up guys!!! IT RESLLY WORKS!! Btw I weigh 165 pounds when I started , so I will update this at the end of the program.

  6. Does anyone know which is better to do?? This 30 day challenge or the 28 day challenge program? I feel like this one is kicking my ass so I'd like to know what everyone thinks. I want results so I just wanna know which one is more bound to get more people results.

  7. Hi. What workout can be done to reduce postpartum belly? If so when this can be done like morning or afternoon for how many minutes. Expecting for your response. Thanks!

  8. mam how much long have to do workouts to get hour glass body and plz suggest helpful vdo plz…..

  9. My belly is naturally shaped as rounded. This is how it has always been. I do want to have a slim and muscle firm looking upper and lower abdominal area but it will not be flat. I do low impact on all the excercise.

  10. They say you can’t target fat but when I do ab workouts my stomach begins to flatten and my metabolism gets faster

  11. I have a question, When do you take your before and after picture?? After you wake up? After you eat? During the day?

  12. other times i worked out i was discouraged that no one would notice a change since they see me day by day, but since social distancing i haven't been seeing everyone. so when social distancing ends i want people to be shocked! kinda confusing but anyone else?

  13. I dunno if people will kinda give attention to my post.But I just challenged myself if how many likes I can get in this comment within 24 hours is the number of crunch Im gonna do everyday for 30 days. hahaha

  14. Whenever I am working my abs they are always tight does not matter if I'm breathing in or out. Is this engaging my core?

  15. Hey Chloe..I have been following your 2 week shred challenge.. I will share you my results soon.. but my problem is that I bloat a lot… i know I am losing my belly fat but as soon as I start bloating I can see my stomach expand. If you have any tips to reduce the bloating please let me know so that I can get those abs soon.

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