23 thoughts on “Flat Belly and Round Booty Workout | 15 mins No Equipment”

  1. Girl I did 5 of your workouts today I’m loving them and I can’t get enough of them thank you so much helping me get my dream body ❤️

  2. hi um im currently doing your 35 day booty program and it’s been about 3 weeks since i started and i have actually seen results – my booty grew 2cm ( i didn’t rest on rest days and was also doing other workouts ) but just wanted to thank u and show people that it just takes consistency!!

  3. I’ve started doing this coz it’s quarantine and it’s the only time I’ll actually have time to do this I’ve done a few off ur other workouts and started getting stronger but haven’t rrly since an improvement but I’ve seen the comments on this one and excited to see if I get results x

  4. Im having intense belly fat and i have never worked out before can u tell me what and where should i start from please…….. waiting for reply plzzz see my comment quest soon love u

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