23 thoughts on “Flat Belly and Round Booty Workout | 15 mins No Equipment”

  1. Girl I did 5 of your workouts today I’m loving them and I can’t get enough of them thank you so much helping me get my dream body ❤️

  2. hi um im currently doing your 35 day booty program and it’s been about 3 weeks since i started and i have actually seen results – my booty grew 2cm ( i didn’t rest on rest days and was also doing other workouts ) but just wanted to thank u and show people that it just takes consistency!!

  3. I’ve started doing this coz it’s quarantine and it’s the only time I’ll actually have time to do this I’ve done a few off ur other workouts and started getting stronger but haven’t rrly since an improvement but I’ve seen the comments on this one and excited to see if I get results x

  4. Can anyone tell me if it’s bad that I don’t feel soreness after exercising or is that normal ?

  5. Do you have any tips for alternatives to swimmers and exercises where you lie down, Its painful for me to be on my stomach because of my boobs lol

  6. for people that are doing this/have done this
    does this actually work? how long until you started to see results (no resistance band)

  7. I have been doing her 5 week booty plan for 21 one days (today) and can see my booty is really high, my waist is smaller and I lost almost 7 pounds!

  8. Am i the only one who cant do the singke leg glutebridge crunch- can someone explain because i feel like im doing it wrong..

  9. Im having intense belly fat and i have never worked out before can u tell me what and where should i start from please…….. waiting for reply plzzz see my comment quest soon love u

  10. When she mentions that there are 20 exercises, does that include both the left and right leg for some exercises..?

  11. starting this today ❤️ please like so i will be reminded to do it! gonna share my results

  12. Can we skip this excercise during our periods days or it is compulsory to do it consecutive 35 days?

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