Flat-Belly and Tight-Booty Cardio Dance Workout | Class FitSugar

Celebrity trainer JJ Dancer takes dance workouts to a new level. Get ready to pop, kick, and burn calories. If you love this workout, you can find more from JJ on her Glow Shop: https://glow.popsugar.com/@JJDancer

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36 thoughts on “Flat-Belly and Tight-Booty Cardio Dance Workout | Class FitSugar”

  1. Usually I love dance cardio workouts. But this was way too complicated to be enjoyable- I ended up spending most of the time just figuring out what the moves were and not actually dancing :/

  2. Fire warmup thigh rock roll eat when quit deep breath stretch side down up face front side straight pulse roll spy tap slide movement take come other way run rotate swing sway right left back around milly swipe bigger here swerve throw hop follow squat air floor middle booty jump arms hands feel twerk unbearable weinie knees head hit rest kill teach dance routine step touch wiggle walk hop fick stomp slow cross over ongoing problem ball change queen winning exit core triple foot fast pop low out bolt single body good sweat vibe fun quite winning even off hut beyonce stomp set dieing touch clear more scout quickly was east skate drag questions want English go wherever cross quarter world eat blurpee flick rest water and towel break muscle single single double catch rain elbow flag burn let in music grab shoulder hitch kick cardio boxing series modification exercise lunge over shallow snake curtsy hover glide high ready speed it up forward stand punch twist arch relish every way quarterback center still block cool down torture eve runways breathe side fashion

  3. I am laughing at myself before I attempt this. She was like let's warm up and boom like dancing at the mega concert. I was like Woow just woow. Lool. Like they can dance papa.

  4. I'm thinking I should probably take dance lessons since I could not follow all these moves in time. I still couldn't get it even when she slowed them down. Even with the modifier! How do you get a feel for these moves when doing Zumba classes? Everytime I go, everyone else gets them right the first time when my instructor doesn't teach them step by step and I still don't know what I'm doing!

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  6. this was not easy! I was all over the place, looked a fool! Liked the arm part the most.. but i'm sweating and I did it.. That's why i love popsugar.. you can try out different instructors and figure out what you like, love and dislike.. and its only 30 mins so i can switch to another workout/instructor tomorrow and or repeat one that i liked.

  7. I wanted to do a cute little dance workout but I ended up getting my ass kicked by this. I've also realized that I should never be allowed to dance in public. Great workout!

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  9. couldn't watch it till the end. The trainer doesn't show the movements first slowly and then gradually faster, she just stared doing everything very fast and I wasn't able to catch up with her and it was annoying, so I just changed to another training session

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