26 thoughts on “Flat Belly Diet Drink | Fat Cutter Drink | Healthy Recipes By Chef Kanak”

  1. I used this diet for 2 weeks: "the2weekdietnow" (G00GLE it)
    and lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I recommend it

  2. Thanku so much ma'am for this fitness series. And yeah you are glowing from within , i am making this ringht now

  3. Are you putting in lemons or limes?? They look like limes to me!! also, where is the list of ingredients, I cannot see it the description below.

  4. U mean everyday makes a new jug with fresh new ingredients? Can’t recycle the used one?

  5. Aapki recipes ko or b like karein gay hum sister aap plzz humari aak request accept kar lein k aap recipe bananay k baad viewers k samnay ussay taste karein…plzzz

  6. Mam yeh overnight rakh na hai aur apka weight loss kiten time m hua yeh drink lena se

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