Flat-Belly Standing Abs | Belly Dance Workout

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Welcome to this belly dance Abs workout! Get ready to work abs and tone your tummy standing up! We will be using chest drops and lifts as well as hip shimmy twists to make you a stronger dancer as well as working on belly dance technique around your core!

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Belly dancing is one of the best ways to workout, get fit, lose weight, and feel confident. By doing my workouts you will get toned, drop pounds, and learn the beautiful art of belly dancing. You will be using muscles you probably didn’t even know existed, helping you get strong.

Are you a Beginner? That’s great! Although you might find the moves challenging at first, you will soon get stronger and become more familiar with them. Do the workout a few times, and you will surprise yourself. Now let’s dance!


31 thoughts on “Flat-Belly Standing Abs | Belly Dance Workout”

  1. this is so helpful because i injured my neck and shoulder on the right side at work and found it difficult to do standard ab exercises. Thanks Leilah for showing us we can get the same great results with belly dancing. Cheers!!!

  2. So many congratulation to Leilah Isaac (Belly Dancer) for keeping a wonderful & attractive, Self choreographed, Flat – Belly Standing Abs workout Demo for eachone Bellydancers and gracefu & dynamic Flat – Belly Standing workout steps creativity and highly impressive thrillings and nice body moves and walk and so amazing body language in this energetic & mesmerizing Flat – Belly Standing Abs workout Demo and for this your constant activeness & an excellent job, may God ever fulfill your all golden dreams and achieve a lots of glorious successes with my all well wishes.

  3. I'm not coordinated but I'm having a LOT of fun with these videos !! You're good to repeat and explain as we go. You don't even make me feel as old as I am (64!) but I'm getting a decent workout and having a blast!

  4. Several years ago I was a professional belly dancer in a troupe I loved until I moved across country. Before I could find another troupe I injured my foot badly and had to learn how to walk again and by balance was shot. Your videos have been helping me gain back my flexibility,stamina, and balance along with me feeling like I’ll be able to start dancing again once quarantine is over. I’m eternally grateful for you.

  5. HI! I did a lot of your videos at beginning of lockdown back last April, went to other things, and resumed doing your videos and LOVE YOUR BELLY DANCE videos – ALL OF THEM — I do a lot of Zoom Dances and your videos are great to stay in shape and TO DO blues dancing, swing dancing, all kinds of dancing!! Thank You!!! Keep it up and hope you are doing well in London!!! Sabina in New York City

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