Flat Stomach: 11 Best Exercises At Home

Working out to get a flat stomach is a great achievement! And for this to happen you need to perform belly fat exercises and routines that work the muscles connected to your core. And that is what today’s workout will do for you!

Do this workout everyday if you can to see results quicker. Remember to stay focused and eat a healthy diet, continue exercising and stay focused an d you will see the product of your hard work sooner than you think!

Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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42 thoughts on “Flat Stomach: 11 Best Exercises At Home”

  1. day 1- completed- my body is burning(did whole exercise 2 times)
    day 2- completed-did 1 time
    day 3- completed-did workout of 8 best exercises and this whole work out- 1 time

  2. हम belly फेट और stomch वाली एक्सरसाइज पिछले 4 माह से कर रहे।पर रिजल्ट 10%ही इसके अलावा पेट लटक रहा है ज्यादा।आसपास का थोड़ा रिड्यूज हुआ बस

  3. I love outdoor workouts and even though the rain is falling. I manage to do this workout on my bedroom floor. I am drenched in sweat. Good job.

  4. I'm doing this in 25 days..
    It's good and easy..
    Before my weight is 80kg now I'm 68kg in just 25days..
    I do this workout 2times a day.. tnx for sharing ..

  5. Hi roberta…do we need to do this daily or weekly twice or alternative days…..i did it today….it worth doing …plz reply

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