FLAT STOMACH and BIGGER HIPS in 14 Days | 5 minute Home Workout

Get a flat stomach and get bigger, wider hips in 14 days with this 5 minute home workout. These flat abs and bigger hips exercises will show you how to get a flat tummy, and how to get bigger hips at home. Beginner modifications included. No equipment needed. Day 13 of the fat loss home workout program.

Thank you to Optimum Nutrition for helping me create this free workout program to share with the LEAN familia during this difficult time for all of us 💙

Note: You can’t change the anatomical make up of your hips bone structure, unless it’s during a time when your hormones are changing (i.e. pregnancy). Therefore, it is not possible to widen your hips. However, you can build muscle around your hips and in your shoulders and back to create the illusion of an hourglass frame. Please bare in mind nutrition is also key to getting results.

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32 thoughts on “FLAT STOMACH and BIGGER HIPS in 14 Days | 5 minute Home Workout”

  1. Hi to this comment section. Can somebody confirm that this actually works because im lazy but i don't wanna waste my time doing it if it doesn't work. Thank youu

  2. Hi Lilly, thank you soooooo much for all these videos that are saving me now from depression caused by this crab situation, I can´t even work now and the only think I can do is to work hard on ME. I have seen many videos of many people but finally I fell in love with you and your stile! I think that now, more than ever, the most important think is our health and immunity and you are doing a great job for all who need it!! By the way your doggie is soooo cute and so relaxed – my dog just lick my face all the time tryig to "save me" as she sees me on the floor 😀 Greetings from Italy!!!

  3. An absolutely amazing workout! I love this first combo with legs circles and crunches!!! I've done 3 circuits of this workout today, thank you so so much Lilly! I'm extremely happy you've reached 303K subscribers and I'm sure you deserve at least over 1 million subscribers and more!!! Good luck!!!

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