Flat Stomach In 7 Days Challenge – Home Workout

Here’s a new workout to do at home if you want to get a Flat Stomach.

If you do it just 7 days everyday you will start noticing some results, and then if you keep this training going, you will start getting the desired goal of a Flat Stomach.

So let’s start the challenge and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to receive new video workouts regularly: every Monday, every Wednesday and every Friday!

Good luck and make sure you leave me a comment below to tell me how you feel after finishing the workout!

Let’s begin!!💪❤️


28 thoughts on “Flat Stomach In 7 Days Challenge – Home Workout”

  1. Hello
    Day 1 – completed before sleep I am so sleepy i will have the best sleep today oh and i am 53kg at 9 years old and I am tried af anyways goodnight I am not that fat but my weight is so much soo that’s why I am try this insh allah it will work
    day-2 done today was the same day as yesterday but i did this for 3 hours i feel lighter already i will go now see you tommrow

  2. Hello , this is my second day. Can you please recommend a diet or food that i must not eat so i can combine between workout and food

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