FLAT TUMMy in 20 DAYS | Rebecca Louise

Stop what you are doing and join me in this workout to get a flat tummy in 20 days! Do this workout on top of your regular app workouts every other day for 20 days to see a boost in the tummy area 👊🏻What you eat over these next 20 days will also determine your success, get my free meal plan below to see RESULTS in 20 days!

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23 thoughts on “FLAT TUMMy in 20 DAYS | Rebecca Louise”

  1. I just got up the track again, starting a long period of quarantine and changing habits. Always loved your workout and as soon as i opened the video i started doing the excersises allthough i didn't want to start right away! I'll do it for 20 days and send you the results!
    Love you and you know how to keep trainees on speed!!!!

  2. I love the courses and the exercises are really bringing results. Also the other ones (Inner Thighs, Squad Challenge) are terrific. To convince more of my friends using these, you just need to tone a bit the talking. Less is more.

  3. Hi Rebecca I just found this video and I have made myself a goal to do this one for 20 days and yesterday was day number 2. I really need to get this stomach flat. It is horrible looking . And trying really hard to eat better too. I think it is that menopause fat and stress fat.

  4. I have now been doing Rebecca's abs exercises since the March stay home orders. I have worked out with my two teenaged daughters every day! We change to a different "Rebecca" workout every 30 days and it has been awesome. Yes, after 30 days we have a pizza party but come on, we look forward to it. We are on month 5 and she is awesome. Thank you Rebecca for getting my family closer and showing them the value of exercise! (and pizza) 🙂

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