Flat Tummy in 3 Minutes, Quick Ab workout

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18 thoughts on “Flat Tummy in 3 Minutes, Quick Ab workout”

  1. I’m gonna do this right before I shower every single time (which is almost every day) for as long as I remember. I’ve already done it a few times so I’ll still count those.
    Started this around march 25, just so I remember

  2. People don’t understand that there’s girls out here who are VERYYY fat and over weight and want to use these exercising videos to get rid of belly fat but all the skinny good looking girls are doing it and not understand that lady needs to do it we do but people don’t make videos for us to do exercises

  3. I did this workout on Thursday! When March comes, I’ll tell you guys if I’ve got results!

    February: I def see some results, like I can see a little bit more of curves!

    March: I’ve stopped doing these exercises because March is the month where is my birthday I had to do a lot of stuffs, but I still got my curves!

  4. I’ve been doing this workout along with the full body work out for 5 days so far and although I haven’t seen a difference on the scale I am feeling a lot better about my self and feeling more energised

  5. I am starting today! I didn’t go measurements but I will just be saying how I felt and if I feel it working.

    Day 1: Your gonna feel a burn if you don’t workout much‼️ and it felt really short for me so I did it twice. See you tomorrow 🙂

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