Flat Tummy | Rebecca Louise

This video is about how to get a flat tummy. These ab exercises will help to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach!
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37 thoughts on “Flat Tummy | Rebecca Louise”

  1. Rebecca, This is the 1st time I did this ab work out, LOVED IT! I can't believe how time flys when I'm feeling the BURN:) Thx for all the hard work you put into your amazing videos, I see you made this in 2015, wow you were just a baby back then, wish I could say that, LOL!

  2. Waw amazing workout ، i would ask what is the best macros for women shredding، need to lose 11lb and am on low carb high fat diet 1400 kcal per day

  3. Hi! I'll try to update everyday and if I don't I am sorry just reply to my comment so I am reminded to update again
    Day 1: It was a pretty good workout until the end my arms gave out and I wasn't able to do I did it on my knees but it still hurt my arm so I would take like a five second break but I did it!
    Day 2: I fee like no one really goes on this video anymore so no one can see this comment but if you are KEEP GOING!! I did the whole thing again but at the end instead of my arm being fully straight I just used my elbow because it was way too much for my arms but I help it for longer than last time!

  4. Hey Rebecca or anyone else who wants to help, I can do every exercise here except the side planks my arms always give out but the thing is i can do normal ones no problem help?

  5. should i do this even thought i have a belly, will these workouts make it even bigger, since I still have a lot of fat? Please reply fast thx!

  6. You're the only youtube trainer that's ever inspired me to get on the mat and work alongside the video. I already see results after a few times. You're sooo motivational and fit, and encouraging! I'm on a video spree working my abs and so grateful for your free teachings

  7. Hi Rebecca, first of all thank you for sharing your amazing work out on Utube. I do your ab exercise everyday for more than 6 months. However I notice that instead of losing inches, my belly becomes bigger. But my belly pooch is a bit firm compare to others who has big belly. I have same diet everyday no change. I know there is something wrong. Could you kindly advice please? Thank you in advance

  8. I've been struggling for a long time to flatten my stomach but i know I have a resemble strong core and my legs are quite toned but I just can't seem to get rid of that jiggly fat on top of my stomach 🙁 I eat quite a healthy diet and drink a lot of water and I'm quite tall but I just haven't had any luck! Do you have any ideas of how I could lose this? Also I love your videos so much Rebecca you are so amazing and gorgeous 🙂 x

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