Many people think that toning your midsection and achieving a flat stomach has everything to do with ab routines. But remember, your abs are muscles, and if you train them hard enough, you create trauma and then growth. So you could create a thicker, more swollen midsection if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially if you’re negligent with your nutrition. My gift to you is this free advanced-level workout that will help you to tone your tummy.  

Skip for 5 minutes to warm up 

Roly Poly with jump – 15 reps 
Russian twists with bag/weight – 20 reps 
Bag grip with jump – 20 reps 
Push-up with rotation press – 10 reps  
Plank with jump on bag – 20 reps 
Side plank with feet on bag – 20 alt
Plank with wide jump – 20 reps 

Tip: You will need a light dumbbell or kettlebell, plus a bag, step or soft, low footstool.

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