Get A Flat Stomach AND Help Your Back Pain!

Even with a great diet and exercise, abs are sometimes not as toned as we want them to be. The key, after the diet of course, is getting the transverse abdominus muscles to work and to work the right way.
This video shows you have to properly activate these muscles and how to keep them working as you exercises and move.


30 thoughts on “Get A Flat Stomach AND Help Your Back Pain!”

  1. New subscriber – Ive started abs blast classes at my gym and find that they arent working and I seem to struggle with arching of my lower back – how can I fix this please?

  2. Well. Age and genetics , other than eating 800 calories a day which I have done. So .. thats difficult at age 64 because it makes me look like saggy old person even then… not going to get rid of my belly fat . Ok. Anything for 60 and older for genetic cellulite middle gut???
    Ummm crunches don't get rid of old saggy skin.
    Enjoy your responsive young body!! It does go away.

  3. Can u plz suggest some streches or exercise for bulgy fat around knees.
    I reduced 18kgs on ketogenic diet and a little bit of exercise but fat around knees is still intact. I am unable to wear shorts for this reason. Currently my body weight is in sync with my height.
    Plz suggest something or make a video on it.

  4. Great tip and one to be part of every day movement. Very easy and once engaged in everything you do as second nature, absolutely useful in flattening that stomach. LOL, next the padding… your right, you are what you eat. Thank you my dear for bringing back some common sense to make actions efficient!

  5. It is crazy how not ONE fitness 'expert' on youtube has talked about this or emphasised it in case they mentioned it in the passing. Imagine how much it would help everyone! Gosh. Day one, and I am feeling amazing.

  6. If I lay on my back on hard floor- or even on the bed lately– it locks- hurts like hell and I can't move for a long time.. I have awakened screaming at night from just rolling over on my back and it locks.. (info- i was mashed between two trucsk in 99 and am bad out of shape now)..

  7. Dr Kristie, in your experience, are there any exercises that help flatten the belly that comes with menopause? It seems impossible! I’m normal weight (BMI 21) and do a daily Essentrics workout (a full body strengthening and stretching program developed by Miranda Esmonde White), which makes me feel great. Core strengthening is part of it, but the belly does not seem to shrink.

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