GET A FLAT TUMMY in 30 DAYS Workout (No Equipment)

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Your core includes four separate muscles, and in this 10-minute ab workout, you’re going to work all of them, pal.

Get the most out of this workout by pulling your abdominals tightly to your spine and exhaling sharply with every breath.

Do this set every day for 30 days and let me know your results!


The second and third songs in this video were made by my first husband.
If you like them, you can check out his stuff on Spotify under the name Generation Lost:

(The first song was made by Deuce Williams. If you like it, you’ll have to ask his significant other where to stream it.)


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I’m not a doctor or your mom! To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk (so don’t even think about suing me)! I (Rachel Gulotta) will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of my fitness videos or information that I share. This includes emails, videos, and text. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Thanks for not suing me!


13 thoughts on “GET A FLAT TUMMY in 30 DAYS Workout (No Equipment)”

  1. these workouts really work out 🙂 I've done them for 2.5 weeks (I switch them up and don't do them every day) and my body looks way more defined than it did when I started. probably the biggest change I've gotten from exercise in such a short time, and I love how short most of the videos are! effective without needing too much time

  2. The tattoo on ur thighs is absolutely cute.. Even i love my dog very much and he accompanies me every time i workout.. Would love to know ur doggos name…

  3. I love your channel! Your workout playlists are exactly what I needed. And music is awesome! One question: can men use your workouts too? I'm not an expert in this area so I don't know men and women workouts specifics

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