Health & Fitness || 5 Minute Yoga for Flat Stomach

Everyone wants to look great but to get there you shouldn’t have to starve yourself or go through unnecessary stress. Here are some ways to achieve a flat stomach by making minor lifestyle changes and practicing a few simple asanas.

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15 thoughts on “Health & Fitness || 5 Minute Yoga for Flat Stomach”

  1. Instead of forcing yourself to do a form of exercise you don’t enjoy, try out a new activity like yoga or swimming. For achieving your health goals you can try herbal remedies for your all over health.

  2. I so much love your videos and I'm thanking you for them. I'm 53 and often regret not having learned Hindi-instead of english, early in my life. Just what the 'nervous West' Needs is Serenity, I think. Greetings from Hellas(=Greece).

  3. Aiyoh aiyoh Auntie..! All my Indian men friends are 6 months pregnant with bags of fat not 6 packs. The reason is that they eat 6 person rice every single meal. And they hardly move a single muscle.

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