24 thoughts on “How To Get A FLAT STOMACH | Secrets & Tips to Lose Lower Belly Fat”

  1. Would you recommend a holistic practitioner or more of a nutritionist? I have always had extra fat in my midsection, but my hormones have always been normal even per labs. Perhaps I need more lab work? Still watching this video but please let me know your thoughts. I def am not as active as I should be, but that is changing now!

  2. I came across this channel and ive been binging all your videos, Im obese and desperatly want to learn about health & fitness. it helps keep me motivated to continue to strength train (hormonal problems, food sensetivities and im just plain lazy lmao)

  3. i am kind of skinny fat and i struggle a lot with my thighs i want to make them smaller but i dont want to exercise them a lot because i dont want them to become bigger D: what do i doo

  4. one thing that i'd really love to hear from you (as one of the more educated and rational fitness youtubers :P) is whether or not (and if yes, then how) it is possible to build muscle without having to lift a ton of weights, if you can't do so for health reasons. i.e. if lifting anything heavy if not an option due to gynaecological reasons and squatting with weights is a no-no due to crappy knees and an ongoing effort to fix flat feet, which add to the knee issues. it might also be useful for those who exercise at home and don't have access to gym equipment.

  5. Something i struggle with is progressive overload, it takes me MONTHS to up my weights even a tiny bit 🙁 It's really disheartening

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