28 thoughts on “i tried chloe ting’s flat belly challenge… here’s what happened”

  1. Body measurements is really nothing to me but my best-friend is so conscious about it specially on the waist and thigh areas because of kpop and it makes me sad because she keeps on comparing her body to mine. Which is not good on my opinion, because she is depriving herself, I myself is an advocate of body positivity as a beauty Queen and I believe that you shouldn't compare yourself to other people because you are beautiful in your own way.

  2. This has helped me a lot cause I’m trying that workout, but I just watched videos of girls that already have a “good” body so I was thinking that maybe this wasn’t for me, but now I see that, obviously, not all bodies are the same and that we can see differences, maybe not the same differences as those bodies that already have abs but, for example, I see you different and you have helped me to keep trying.

  3. This video is honestly so much more inspirational than all the other crazy ab results, because it is more realistic and relatable for all of us who are not naturally super thin. (I am on my 8th day of Chloe Ting's two week shred challenge and this is just what I needed!) Thank you so much for choosing to post. You are so beautiful! Awesome video!

  4. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . I tried the challenge and I got some progress but my waist didn’t decrease in size. I thought I had issues. But after seeing all these comments I understand that things take time. And these little “ 2weeks abs” are mainly advertising

  5. Thank you so much for this video! After this video i decided to take a look at chloe tings channel and i decided to get a healthier and slimmer body. Its been 8 days since i started to workout and im definetly seeing some changes! I want to go as further as i can go because i really like working out. Also before this quarantine ends i want to improve myself as much as i can because i have a really strict working programme for long hours so i wont be have time to do exercise after these days ends.

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