Intense Ab Workout (Flat Tummy in 1 WEEK) | Sanne Vander

If you want abs FAST, DO THIS WORKOUT for ONE WEEK along with the other workouts of our 30 day challenge.

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Get fit for summer – 30 day workout challenge:

Hi! My name is Sanne Vander. Welcome to our Vander family!
Fasten your seatbelt and join the ride…

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23 thoughts on “Intense Ab Workout (Flat Tummy in 1 WEEK) | Sanne Vander”

  1. Vanne`s workouts are really amazing.i did her work outs for flabby arms and truly they were quite unique yet effective by the feel of the effect they had on my hands.i now want to follow her workouts for minimumlly a month to see what changes i will get

  2. Doing this for a week first:
    Day 1-done
    Day 2-I am busy
    Day 3-done
    Day 4-I am busy today too I am sooooo sorry btw this this not the the only workout I am doing so I am but tired and my legs are burning up soo I will rest again today I am so sorry)
    Day 5-done

  3. I completed this for one week…..I can see the results….and I have decided to continue this workout because its amazing and super effective
    Love this workout a lot..!!

  4. Ok this is just me keeping track of my days and to tell you guys how it felt and if there is a change.

    day 1: this workout really burned, like i had to take a couple breaks because of how much it burned
    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4:
    day 5:
    day 6:
    day 7:

  5. Plz like to remind me of updating in comments. I'll keep you guys, who are curious, about the results, updated for a week or two!
    Also, I did this with the slim leg exercise and repeated this flat tummy exercise each day

    Weight at beginning: 64.0
    Fat percentage: 29.1%

    Day 1:
    Fat percentage:

    Day 2:
    Fat percentage:

    Day 3:
    Fat percentage:

    Day 4:
    Fat percentage:

    Day 5:
    Fat percentage:

    Fat percentage:

    Day 7:
    Fat percentage:

    Overall results:

    Weight now:

  6. Let's start then
    Day 1: I did it, it was so difficult, my stomach was crying. I was hungry, but I didnt eat anything. I drank a smoothie. I feel a bit difference already, my stomach wiggled less lmao
    Day 2 : I feel healthier already!! I ate a good meal after the workout!!
    day 3 : I=my mom said i looked skinnier OMG, she always calls me fat ABHBAHABBAH

  7. too everyone who sees this comment, your tummys are beautiful as they are, and just taking to time to strengthen your body is enough, rest days are ok, not wanting to workout is ok, at the end of the day our bodies are amazing and their ours much love❤️ xxx

  8. I love that she says, "We are friends…we are working on our bodies together" and that she isn't way too overly chipper. Makes her seem more down-to-earth and actually relatable. Although, I still have an element of vicarious living by following her–I'm 43 and 50 pounds overweight but I've enjoyed several of her videos and workouts.

  9. So ive never found a workout where i could see a difference in a few days. I have mayor gender dysphoria. My hips, arms, tummy, and thighs rlly make it worse. I started doing her arm and hips workout and ive noticed a difference in like 3 days. I am currently on my thing (ftm trans so rn i have a girl body) so im taking a break this week. But honestly do her workouts!!!!

  10. Here we go!!!!!~^^

    Day1: kinda shaky in my legs.
    Day2: almost gave up, did it messy. I hate my tummyfat so I’ll keep going
    Day3: skipped had soccer practice doe

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