Intense Flat Abs Workout (5 Mins – Follow Along)

This quick, but intense ab routine will have your abs burning. It’s non-stop, back to back exercises that focus on the entire stomach area.


This is a quick workout, so there is no “up next” – just my voice guiding you. The exercises change quickly, so follow along, and if you need to watch the routine beforehand, please do.




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23 thoughts on “Intense Flat Abs Workout (5 Mins – Follow Along)”

  1. Everytime I do a workout from you I really feel like you know what you’re saying and it’s amazing! Not often the case so thank you very much 🙂 I really do feel more comfortable since I’m doing you workouts

  2. since july I've been doing your exercises and I cannot stress this enough: I've changed so much!

    old me would never be able to do all of these exercises without die, but new me gets just a little bit tired and extremely fullfiled. Thanks holly 🙂

  3. I’m going to do this workout for a week! Maybe even more, if I see results.

    Day 1 @ morning: I just discovered this workout at night so I didn’t get to do it in the morning.
    Day 1 @ night:

    Day 2 @ morning:
    Day 2 @ night:

    Day 3 @ morning:
    Day 3 @ night:

    Day 4 @ morning:
    Day 4 @ night:

    Day 5 @ morning:
    Day 5 @ night:

    Day 6 @ morning:
    Day 6 @ night:


  4. Thank so much! So I’m going to my aunties mansion in a week and there is a swimming pool in side! We stay for a week and to make sure I don’t look fat in my swim suit I’ll do this! 😀

  5. I am really feeling the effects of her targeted workouts. I started with her because I have so little time to devote to workouts. I am now doing targeted area routines and daily HIIT. She is amazing and her detox and bloating relief tips were right on the money

  6. Honestly I've only started working out because i ordered swimsuits and don't want to be embarrassed or upset with how my body looks. I want to be confidant and happy to show my stomach! IM DOING THIS FOR ME 😀

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