35 thoughts on “Just 10 minutes per day for a flat belly?”

  1. This really works, you have to be diligent , I have lost 12 inches in my waist in 1 month

  2. Very nice video and very effective it works. I reduce my tummy fat But I have slip disc and I feel pain pls tell me can I do this excercise. Pls show me another video related to slip disc. Actually I want reduce my tummy muscles and fat. Pls. Tell me I am waiting for your instructions

  3. I also practice yoga everyday….. I do not think she is misguiding at all….main idea behind is you should keep fit…..that is all.

  4. Hi I'm 38 yrs old and i have big belly. Will this exercise help me get a flat tummy. I doubt.

  5. It was tuff. MY NECK has hurting bad though . I couldn't do the upward dog. And I also heard clicking in my lower back for one of the exersizes. I'm not very flexable. Is this normal?

  6. However Patanjali is a great enlightened personality among one of Indian sages.He has three events performed together VANI>Tongue by Grammar,the Flaws of bodies by Ayurvedas,The mental inconstancy or dispositions by Yogavidya..He lived the reality with experiencing the whole worlds is a famous history that alive yet with us.
    I like to say to the sisters or brothers who are giving us a yoga practicing method adding Patanjali is very useful and a great deal towards the beginners but please go to the deep of Patanjali philosophy also for a reality of Yogas.

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