LOWER ABS WORKOUT // Flat Tummy Workout by vicky justiz

HI babes 💛 Here is a lower abs workout that will help you get a flat tummy! Lower abs is an area we don’t target too often so its important that we do these lower ab workouts! ♡ My Supplement Products (Pina Colada Protein, Raspberry BCAA’s & Mojito Energy): https://womens.best/Shop-Vicky

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22 thoughts on “LOWER ABS WORKOUT // Flat Tummy Workout by vicky justiz”

  1. Tysm for the free workouts . Can you please advice on how to not feel pain on the thighs during core workouts. I do have heavy thighs (as in muscle not fats) and it hurts my thighs when i do core exc crises which require leg movement

  2. okay people i’m gonna try to do this until it’s my birthday (april 28th) and if i like the results i will keep doing this until summer!!
    march 19:✅
    march 20: ✅
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    march 26:❌
    march 27:✅
    march 28:❌vacation
    march 29:❌vacation
    march 30:❌vacation
    march 31:❌vacation
    april 1:✅
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  3. day 1: completed all of it.
    Day 2: complete ( accidentaly forgot to record my thing because I was doing it from the tv)
    Day 3: complete
    Day 4: complete
    (Btw I’m not just doing this exercise that’s why I might not be updating often)

  4. no hate but, don't they say working on your obliques makes your waist wider? im trying to have a smaller waist so i don't know if the side planks and all the twisting is good for that or not?

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