Mommy Tummy Workout Diastasis Friendly Exercises (BYE BYE BABY BELLY)

Mommy Tummy Workout Diastasis Recti Friendly Exercises (BYE BYE BABY BELLY) /
Lose the mommy tummy with my diastasis recti-friendly exercises for a mommy tummy fix! This mommy tummy workout or mummy tummy workout features mummy tummy toning exercises (including my signature mummy tummy exercise) plus diastasis recti exercises and other postpartum ab exercises too.

A mommy tummy after pregnancy can be frustrating but with this mommy ab workout, you’ll say bye-bye to a mommy pooch! It’s the best ab workout for mommy tummy and mommy tummy weight loss. If you have diastasis recti or abdominal separation then the exercises in this video can help with that too, it’s ideal as a diastasis recti core workout.

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36 thoughts on “Mommy Tummy Workout Diastasis Friendly Exercises (BYE BYE BABY BELLY)”

  1. I had my last baby 11 years ago and no body told me not to do sit-ups/crunches and I probably just made things worse. I gave up and just have been living with my horrible tummy. I am currently thinking about surgery but after research, I decided to give correct exercise a try first. wish me luck.

  2. Oh boyyy.. I have only been doing this for like 4 days in a row and my belly feels heavy than before and I’m so sore especially my lower abdomen. I’m not sure if it’s just me but belly looks a little smaller than before. I’m 19 months postpartum. Will show this video to my sis in law so we can do this together ❤️ Thanks for uploading this!

  3. My daughter is about to turn 5 this June. I'm no at 60 kilos from 90 kilos. But my diastasi is still there from my belly button down to my abdomen. It is not as wide as before though but I hope I can close it. Not sure if I can have another child given the pandemic but I hope to do that before another pregnancy happens. Thanks for your helpful videos! ❤️

  4. I have had two babies…and it has been almost 2 years since my youngest was born…I have not been blessed with a "bounce back" as everyone said I would experience after my pregnancies. It hasn't felt right either to do heavy core exercises…none of the usual crunches seemed to target the areas I needed…this is the first video that I have hope that my mommy pouch can heal and go back to the flat tummy it once was 5 years ago!! Thank you for your easy, light, and caring exercises!

  5. Hi,i loved your exercises am doing it from 3 days,since its been five years after post delivery,it will be effective if i do it on dialy basis because i still have the diastasis recti tummy.

  6. Hello! I had my youngest daughter is 2017 I am 22 years old and still have my mommy pooch I am 5'2 and 182ibs. I just can't lose this tummy I'm not sure if I have DR but would these exercises still help me?

  7. If I exclusively do this exercise only, how long will it take for me to see results? I've had 10 Vaginal births and my current baby is 10 months. I haven't heard of diastasis until recently and don't want to do the wrong exercises and still look fat. I want to stick to one exercise routine and I'm choosing yours, but want to know how long will it take to work. I'd love to see other mommies before and after pictures.

  8. Hi, I had my son 4 years ago with a csection he is my one and only kid. My stomach went down but never got flat. Will this remedy work? I only have 1 kid I feel like it’s hard. I just want my stomach flat like it use to be.

  9. So I've been doing this around 3 to 4 times a week for six weeks. At the start measuring around my belly button where it protruded the most was 97cm. Today its 85cm. I've lost a couple of kilos since then but my weight has been fluctuating since I had my third and I've hardly reduced my belly size before. I'll continue on for another month as my core feels so much stronger. I can lift my toddler up and when I get out of bed for the baby I don't risk injuring myself.

  10. How can you tell when you've closed your diastasis recti? I've been doing the finger test and I can tell I've closed it at the top and bottom but I can't tell if I have a gap at my belly button or not. Can I start on usual exercise now?

  11. Thank you for this video, my D.R is 4-5 figures in. I hope these excerises will work for me , I have a two year old and just a another baby both by c-section 14months ago thank you again

  12. Hi so im 3 weeks postpartum and im hoping to do this in 3 weeks because im still resting but my body/stomach looks exactly like the picture of when you press the video my question is can i really loose all that belly fat with this workout and more? My body has been like this since my first pregnancy witch was 4 yrs ago please if anyone can help answer my question i would really appreciate it!!

  13. Hi vicky… just wondering if i can do it being 2 years postpartum… if not what do you recommend… i am a absolute beginner no exercise history at all… thanks

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