32 thoughts on “Not Losing Belly Fat? Watch this (+Flat Belly Tips) | Joanna Soh”

  1. I'm 40 eat all the junk food still the same weight since high school its genetics thanks to my dad lol hes lean as never even exercise in his life hes 83 and strong

  2. I start diet last February 25 after 25 days I lost 17 kilos before I'm 62 kilos my hiegth is only 4/11 I'm already over weight my weist line before is 34 I always do my cardio exercise and plank push up mountain climbing I'm doing every day 2 times until now I never stop doing my new life style eating vegan food now my weight is 43 ang my weist line is 24 very amazing all my friends ask me what I did I only share the videos of Joan soh before I cannot wear fit dress now I always wearing fit dress and I feel very comfortable I can sleep good and easy to do my work thanks God

  3. My issue is lack of sleep. I am a light sleeper and wake up very easily. Once I wake up, i struggle to go back to sleep. I also have poor blood circulation in my hands and feet so i constantly need something warm near my feet to help me fall asleep (usually use a heatpack). What can I do to help get deep sleep???

  4. Joanna : one of the most common reasons we struggle to lose belly fat is stress.

    Me (whose been stressed none stop since 2008) : stresses even harder

  5. Utilize google to find regarding this diet guide “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it). I have shed just about 12lbs soon after sticking to it for three weeks, inspite of not changing too much with my weight loss plan or even exercise. I`m actually excited about it. I am right now encouraged and also stimulated by it. .

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