Always Bloated? Do this in the Morning for a Flatter Belly & Better Digestion | Joanna Soh

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Always Bloated? Do this in the Morning for a Flatter Belly & Better Digestion | Joanna Soh
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Do you always complain that you’re feeling bloated and that your belly looks bigger that what it should be? You’re not alone, I’ve suffered through bloating and indigestion for many years.

Through the years, I’ve learned that what I do in the morning can have a major impact on how my digestive system functions later in the day. Watch this video to learn the 5 things I practice daily in the morning for a flatter belly and healthier gut! =)

1) Don’t eat immediately upon waking up
2) Drink at least 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach
3) Take prebiotic & probiotic supplements
4) Do a mini morning Workout
5) Sip on green tea

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Always Bloated? Do this in the Morning for a Flatter Belly & Better Digestion | Joanna Soh


Postpartum Workout: 5 exercises for after a C-section

Once you get your doctor’s permission to start exercising, try these five gentle moves. Dara Bergeron, founder of Belly Bootcamp, leads you through this low-impact workout that helps you build up your strength and take pressure off your tummy. Start with two to three minutes of diaphragmatic breathing and then do eight to 20 reps of each exercise—only do as many as you can with good form. Try doing these exercises daily, slowly building up your reps. If you feel any pain or unusual pressure, talk to your doctor before exercising again.

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Yoga: Stomach Vacuum| Breathing Exercise Helps You Lose Weight| Flat Tummy| Garima Bhandari

Yoga: Vacuum exercise is a simple breathing exercise which targets your inner most abdominal muscles, primarily the transverse abdominis.

The stomach vacuum exercise – Here’s how to do it
If you’re a beginner and not sure about this technique, here are some basic steps for you to follow:

Roll onto your back
Keep your knees bent with your feet flat on the ground
Slowly inhale as much air as you can and then start to exhale as much as possible while bringing your stomach in as much as possible – hold this position for at least 15-20 seconds.
As you hold onto this position, try to breathe normally.
Inhale and bring your stomach back to the starting position.
You can repeat this sequence of moves 3-5 times.
If you still have doubts about doing this technique, you can check out the video on YouTube as well.

Some tips and cautions on performing a stomach vacuum – One you’ve learned, you can work your way up to 40-60 seconds. Stomach vacuum works really well when it’s done regularly on an empty stomach. Always ensure that you warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts.

And yes, it’s always safe to consult a doctor before taking up any exercise program.

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This video is all about getting a flat tummy.. If you are dreaming to have a beach body you can try this exercises.

Sa umpisa po mahirap magexercise, pero pag nasanay na ang katawan natin sa hirap at sakit.. Eventually we will get used to it. Kaya do it anyway kahit ganu kahirap po.

Tandaan po natin na di natin mkukuha ang gsto ntn resulta in just one set of exercise lang. Do it in a row consecutively for best results.

Be positive, hardworking and be self disciplined.


Get Flat Belly in 2 WEEKS (Abs Workout Challenge)

Here’s an amazing belly fat loss workout that will give you the most amazing results in 2 weeks!

This is a high-intensity workout that will burn the fat in your stomach using all the muscles connected to your core in order to produce the best results in 14 days!

Do this workout everyday until you complete the 14 days. Do it for more than 14 days until you see the results you wish to see! Good luck and let’s begin the workout.❤️💪

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Best Chest Home Workout (Dumbbells Only)

Join Chris Heria for Best Chest Home Workout. Follow along with only a pair of dumbbells in combination with the right calisthenics exercises to get a super-effective chest workout.

Find out How to start working out the best way for beginners with Chris Heria and the Heria Pro App. & for more workouts by Chris Heria visit and download the HERIA Pro App in the App Store!

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Mommy Tummy Workout Diastasis Friendly Exercises (BYE BYE BABY BELLY)

Mommy Tummy Workout Diastasis Recti Friendly Exercises (BYE BYE BABY BELLY) /
Lose the mommy tummy with my diastasis recti-friendly exercises for a mommy tummy fix! This mommy tummy workout or mummy tummy workout features mummy tummy toning exercises (including my signature mummy tummy exercise) plus diastasis recti exercises and other postpartum ab exercises too.

A mommy tummy after pregnancy can be frustrating but with this mommy ab workout, you’ll say bye-bye to a mommy pooch! It’s the best ab workout for mommy tummy and mommy tummy weight loss. If you have diastasis recti or abdominal separation then the exercises in this video can help with that too, it’s ideal as a diastasis recti core workout.

If you’ve had a c section and want the best postpartum workout c section then check out my c section exercises for stomach muscles to tone and tighten tummy (LOSE THE BABY POUCH) here:

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5 Minute Standing ABS – Flat Stomach Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Standing ABS workout to get a flat stomach fast, 5 Minutes of abdominal and oblique exercises to tone and lose belly fat at home without equipment.

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Consult your doctor before starting this workout.

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GET A FLAT STOMACH and LOSE FAT in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide

Get a flat stomach and lose fat in 14 days with this at home free home workout guide / program. This is an 11 line abs fat loss no equipment from home workout. The quick flat tummy abs exercises will burn fat and can help with weight loss. Get ready for this at home workouts to lose belly fat.

Thank you to Optimum Nutrition for helping me create this free workout guide to share with the LEAN familia during this difficult time for all of us 💙

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12 Easy Exercises To Do In Bed To Reduce Fat

Did you know you can work out even in bed, and burn fat along the way? Fitness really has no limits and you can lose weight even from the comfort of your bed, doing these easy, 12 exercises in bed!

All the exercises in this video can be done in a sitting position either on your back or on your knees or tummy.

This home vide workout is perfect for you if you don’t want to get out of bed but still want to exercise and reduce fat.

You can do it either in the morning after waking up, or in the evening after getting into bed.

You may also perform this exercises if you for a reason cannot leave your bed – but still need to burn calories.

So let’s start the workout program and get some good fat burning results!

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