23 thoughts on “Quick & Effective HIIT Workout for Flat Tummy ✅ 15 min Calorie Burning”

  1. Day 29 of my exercise increase lifestyle change. This HIIT video is part of the CT SSC-2019 (May).
    It is one of three, workouts for this day-24 of the Chloe Ting workouts. There is a total of 35 days and other optional days which I will complete. And when that is done I would like to rest one day then hop right into another challenge, 8 weeks from 2018 workout. Anyway for today I did modified versions the low impact options. Two more videos to go and then a cool-down to end day-24.

  2. I am currently on Day 13! Feeling really good while trying to incorporate it into a morning routine. I am 5'3" and started at 130 pounds. I dropped to 126, gained muscle and was at 128, and have been at 125 for the past few days…all almost in two weeks. Also, because you've just done such an intense workout…it makes you WANT to eat healthier so you actually SEE results! I'll post an update! Feeling really amazing I've gotten this far at all!

  3. Gonna try this soon! I hope my neighbor downstairs won't hate me and ring in our appartment one day, with these jumpings excercises going on, especially the tuck jump. xD

  4. Chloe, love you girl, but I want to see you fall on the matt at the end of the video, not jolly dancing! You did this to us! catching breath intesifies

  5. day 11 was the hardest for me to get up and do but i’ve done 1/3 of today’s workouts and i feel good continuing to do something for myself

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