Quick & Effective HIIT Workout for Flat Tummy 15 min Calorie Burning

It’s the 2019 Summer Shred Challenge! This 15 minute hiit workout has various high intensity exercise to help you burn those calories and lose weight in a quick and effective cardio session, all in the comfort in your own home. No jumping and no equipment needed in this quick and effective high intensity hiit workout.

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35 Days Summer Shredding Program:

Summer Shred Challenge Videos
Episode 1 – Full Body Burn – https://youtu.be/Lscqihirc3c
Episode 2 – 11 Abs – https://youtu.be/6TmQiugy_qw
Episode 3 – HIIT Workout – https://youtu.be/mvlfZ43ehmE
Episode 4 – Arms & Back – https://youtu.be/d8STqg1VvN0
Episode 5 – Booty & Toned Legs – https://youtu.be/mTgc6gpCEng
Weight Loss Meal Ideas – https://youtu.be/q65enzklzqo

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that all of my videos are titled according to SEO best practices for content discoverability. Unfortunately this may mean that video titles are subjective and shouldn’t be seen as absolute truth. As an example, targeting fat reduction is not scientifically proven but a video title might suggest otherwise. When following any of my videos, please take precaution to exercise in a safe environment, and I highly suggest seeing a health and fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form and dietary needs. Every person is unique and there is no one size fits all solution to health or fitness. I am not a medical professional and your health and safety is the utmost importance.

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