33 thoughts on “Simple Life Hacks for a Flatter Belly”

  1. When i had uncovered this weight loss plan “Yamzoko Weebly” using Google, I felt fired up to have a go right away. I actually was really energized. I propose you to Google this program too. My friend has dropped 10 lbs by now because of this fat loss program. .

  2. What the hell is Oz doing on You Tube? This fool has enforced every diet pill that the world has ever known. Nobody believes his bulls***!

  3. I have discovered so much from the “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) and also have eliminated several belly fat that I never thought I can eradicate and it allowed me to do it the healthy and balanced way. Since having this guideline I have dropped FIFTEEN lbs, and also have had far more results toning up in a health club. I feel as if it has offered me further energy. .

  4. I couldn't handle the guys voice, the straining and contorting of his face. He looked like he was on the toilet trying to strain out one twice the size of his chute.

  5. I lost 125lbs through improving my eating habits! Lose the weight folks, your body will thank you for it! God bless y'all!!! (and yes I do vacuumes as well)

  6. hold your breath and twist to get those abs?? I don't believe it especially after four kids. this can't be for real!!!

  7. When I broke my wrist..I had hard x cooking. So ever ite for mo I had fried fish a little rice. A little steamed veggue.i list 8 lbs. Sugar went way dwn…soon as I cld cook again u guessed it

  8. That black woman touched a married man's abs but would sue if he in turn touched hers. This sexual violence issue is just bent on favoring women only.

  9. Did she really have to rub his abs with his wife right there? Um unless that was planned that’s stepping over some boundaries.

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