Standing Abs Workout – 10 MINUTE FAT BURN

Who doesn’t love switching up their ab routines and doing a standing abs workout instead?

These exercises have been designed to target your entire core area to tone your stomach muscles as well as burn calories with the cardio movements.

I advise making sure to follow a balanced and healthy diet, with limit processed foods, for best results.




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23 thoughts on “Standing Abs Workout – 10 MINUTE FAT BURN”

  1. this is a good workout i have been trying to fit into brandy melville for a while and i cant because my whole life ive been on the heavier side but now i see results and i can finally wear brandy

  2. I loved your exercises; so effective. I had to pause to take a bit of a rest because I am so out of shape, but I am glad you did the 10 consecutive minutes so that I can work up to that and have a video that isn't constantly pausing to talk and explain. So efficient. Thank you so much.

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