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30 Minutes WORKOUT To Get a FLAT STOMACH (BODY TRIANGLE is very effective )

Do this twice daily with a small diet.. Trust me U ll see a very magical result. I am taking lil time to describe the workouts in this video so pls try to WALK in position n breathe IN & OUT wen am talking, I don wan u to loose tat workout flow dears
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FLAT STOMACH and BIGGER HIPS in 14 Days | 5 minute Home Workout

Get a flat stomach and get bigger, wider hips in 14 days with this 5 minute home workout. These flat abs and bigger hips exercises will show you how to get a flat tummy, and how to get bigger hips at home. Beginner modifications included. No equipment needed. Day 13 of the fat loss home workout program.

Thank you to Optimum Nutrition for helping me create this free workout program to share with the LEAN familia during this difficult time for all of us 💙

Note: You can’t change the anatomical make up of your hips bone structure, unless it’s during a time when your hormones are changing (i.e. pregnancy). Therefore, it is not possible to widen your hips. However, you can build muscle around your hips and in your shoulders and back to create the illusion of an hourglass frame. Please bare in mind nutrition is also key to getting results.

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5-Day Flat Belly & Slim Legs

Get a flat belly along with slimmer legs with today’s weight loss workout! Do this everyday for the next 5 days for the best results – good luck!❤️💪

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00:00 Forward Calf Raises
00:56 Squat In Out
01:40 Rest
02:07 Victory Squat
02:51 Rest
03:19 Squat And Kick
04:16 Rest
04:53 Squat In Out
05:37 Rest
06:14 Single Leg Bridge Left
07:26 Single Leg Bridge Right
08:37 Rest
09:19 Leg Kicks
10:06 Rest
10:38 Side Leg Raise Right
11:36 Side Leg Raise Left
12:33 Rest
13:21 Knee Drive
13:51 Rest
14:03 Knee Raises
14:36 Rest
15:08 High Knee Chops Right
15:46 High Knee Chops Left
16:25 Rest
16:57 Knee Tuck Crunch
17:48 Rest
18:30 Russian Twist
19:00 Rest
20:02 Forward Calf Raises
20:58 Squat In Out
21:43 Rest
22:10 Victory Squat
22:54 Rest
23:21 Squat And Kick
24:18 Rest
24:55 Squat In Out
25:40 Rest
26:17 Single Leg Bridge Left
27:28 Single Leg Bridge Right
28:39 Rest
29:21 Leg Kicks
30:09 Rest
30:41 Side Leg Raise Right
31:38 Side Leg Raise Left
32:36 Rest
33:23 Knee Drive
33:54 Rest
34:06 Knee Raises
34:38 Rest
35:10 High Knee Chops Right
35:48 High Knee Chops Left
36:28 Rest
37:00 Knee Tuck Crunch
37:51 Rest
38:33 Russian Twist



Loosing belly fat may be the hardest compared to other parts of your body! In this video, I am going to share my tips, things I personally do to keep my tummy flat EVERYDAY! No exercise needed! thought if you want those ABS you will eventually need to hit the gym or do some exercises at home to tone those muscles.

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13 Best Flat Tummy Exercises At Home

Diagonal Abs Right and Left
Hip Swirls
Knee Tuck Crunch
Reach Through
Flutter Kicks
Russian Twist
Heel Touch
Side Bends
Squat Arm Lifts
Body Extensions
Side Plank Pulse Right
Side Plank Pulse Left
Reverse Crunches

These are the 13 exercises in this workout that you’ll absolutely going to enjoy as you work your way to a flat tummy!

This workout routine is best done at least 3-4x a week if you’re really intent on seeing fast results. All the routines above are done twice in one session so you know it’s perfect to be done once a day–but as often as you can!

Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy this workout!❤️💪

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