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Standing Abs Workout – 10 MINUTE FAT BURN

Who doesn’t love switching up their ab routines and doing a standing abs workout instead?

These exercises have been designed to target your entire core area to tone your stomach muscles as well as burn calories with the cardio movements.

I advise making sure to follow a balanced and healthy diet, with limit processed foods, for best results.




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1 Hour Standing Abs Workout for Flat Belly 🔥 500 Calorie Workout 🔥

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This 1 hour standing abs workout burns a ton of calories and will help flatten your belly.
No equipment is needed for this standing abs workout.
As you can see, this workout will make you sweat but the benefits go beyond that. This standing abs workout will improve your balance, strengthen your core and enhance your weight loss.
Even though this 1 hour standing abs workout only burns 500 calories, you will continue to burn more calories for hours after the workout.
Make sure you squeeze your abs while doing the different exercises in this routine.
Enjoy the 1 hour standing abs workout for flat belly.