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10-DAY Flat Belly Fat Burn + Abs Challenge ~ Emi

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– All Workout Video Links:
Day 1: 28 min
18 min Abs & Cardio https://youtu.be/kHx5MQIQXac
10 min Abs on Fire https://youtu.be/0X8Y1OoXYSs

Day 2: 36 min
18 min Abs & Cardio https://youtu.be/kHx5MQIQXac
18 min Happy Fat Burn HIIT https://youtu.be/s4fwetu2Px4

Day 3: 33 min
30 min Standing Full Body Fat Loss Workout https://youtu.be/gT_XCCJ9bQU
3 min Kpop BTS Dance Cardio https://youtu.be/DioqhMYE7EU

Day 4: 31 min
18 min Abs & Cardio https://youtu.be/kHx5MQIQXac
13 min Abs + Weight Loss https://youtu.be/XIFFJYCO2k0

Day 5: 33min
18 min Abs & Cardio https://youtu.be/kHx5MQIQXac
15 min Core & Abs Workout https://youtu.be/fsIjS0ZQf94

Day 6: 23 min
3 min Kpop Lovesick Girl Fat Burn Cardio https://youtu.be/qTNQDWp5uAM
20 min Stretch & Cool Down https://youtu.be/r_UDA3E0dtg

Day 7: 28 min
18 min Abs & Cardio https://youtu.be/kHx5MQIQXac
10 min Fat Burn https://youtu.be/f2DJ0D3NNFU

Day 8: 33 min
18 min Abs & Cardio https://youtu.be/kHx5MQIQXac
15 min Side Abs & Love Handles https://youtu.be/tH-QCevSc18

Day 9: 45 min
45 min full body workout https://youtu.be/Wgm1Xc25imM

Day 10: 36 min
18 min Abs & Cardio https://youtu.be/kHx5MQIQXac
18 min Happy Fat Burn HIIT https://youtu.be/s4fwetu2Px4
(Optional) 10 min Abs & Thigh Bed Workout https://youtu.be/MAoR3jEhqJ8

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1 Hour Standing Abs Workout for Flat Belly 🔥 500 Calorie Workout 🔥

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This 1 hour standing abs workout burns a ton of calories and will help flatten your belly.
No equipment is needed for this standing abs workout.
As you can see, this workout will make you sweat but the benefits go beyond that. This standing abs workout will improve your balance, strengthen your core and enhance your weight loss.
Even though this 1 hour standing abs workout only burns 500 calories, you will continue to burn more calories for hours after the workout.
Make sure you squeeze your abs while doing the different exercises in this routine.
Enjoy the 1 hour standing abs workout for flat belly.


FLAT TUMMY Workout ♥ Melt Belly Fat in 10 Minutes! (Standing No Jump HIIT workout)

Let’s melt those belly fats with this 10 minute Flat Tummy Workout! A standing no jumping HIIT workout that is sure to leave you drenched in sweat!

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Warm Up with Me: https://youtu.be/SMBr883RE3E

Cool Down with Me: https://youtu.be/MweKG30rDnw

FAQ: “Ilang calories ang nabburn sa workout na ‘to?”
Answer: Gagamit ka po ng fitness watch para malaman mo kung ilan ang calories na nabburn mo sa exercise kasi iba iba po kada individual. The heavier you are the more calories you burn, the lighter you are, the less.

That’s why I don’t recommend you count the calories you burn. Hindi po sya practical eh. I suggest you focus on your calorie intake. Yun ang kontrolado natin at pwede natin ma track.

If you want a specific number, on average around 200 calories per 10 minute session ang isang HIIT tulad nito. But again hindi yan exact. Depende parin sa weight, height, metabolism and other factors. 😊

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