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Bodyweight Workout Routine – Nonstop Total Body Workout

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Yoga: Stomach Vacuum| Breathing Exercise Helps You Lose Weight| Flat Tummy| Garima Bhandari

Yoga: Vacuum exercise is a simple breathing exercise which targets your inner most abdominal muscles, primarily the transverse abdominis.

The stomach vacuum exercise – Here’s how to do it
If you’re a beginner and not sure about this technique, here are some basic steps for you to follow:

Roll onto your back
Keep your knees bent with your feet flat on the ground
Slowly inhale as much air as you can and then start to exhale as much as possible while bringing your stomach in as much as possible – hold this position for at least 15-20 seconds.
As you hold onto this position, try to breathe normally.
Inhale and bring your stomach back to the starting position.
You can repeat this sequence of moves 3-5 times.
If you still have doubts about doing this technique, you can check out the video on YouTube as well.

Some tips and cautions on performing a stomach vacuum – One you’ve learned, you can work your way up to 40-60 seconds. Stomach vacuum works really well when it’s done regularly on an empty stomach. Always ensure that you warm up thoroughly and stretch after all workouts.

And yes, it’s always safe to consult a doctor before taking up any exercise program.

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HOW TO FLATTEN YOUR STOMACH (5 Tummy Toning Exercises)

For more tips and tricks for getting that toned, flat stomach use my free fitness quiz – http://vshred.fit/TummyToningExercises

5 Tummy Toning Exercises:

1) Triple Leg Hops
2) Crunch Claps
3) Cross Legged Leg Lifts
4) Mountain Climbers
5) Advanced Planks

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HOW TO FLATTEN YOUR STOMACH (5 Tummy Toning Exercises)

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Flat Stomach Workout (7 minutes)

This quick, and effective ab workout will help target the right muscles to tone your stomach area!




Welcome back to another fun and effective home workout for your abs! This routine is great if you are low on time, or if you want to really target your ab muscles after a workout.

All the movements in this routine are ones that I use today, and when I started my fitness journey! I noticed that when I incorporated these exercises, my stomach area became more defined in the lower, mid, and upper sections.

I still use these exact movements in my workouts today because I love them so much!

So, hit play and let’s get started.

Love, Holly x

P.S: let me know what exercise was your favourite and remember, to see the best results, make sure to have good eating habits and do cardio to burn fat

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