The Best Flat Belly Workout: Do it at home

Get a flat belly at home by working out everyday with these effective core exercises!!

Do this at home as often as you can to see really good stomach fat burn results. I understand how you might have gained quite a few this quarantine period due to the lack of physical activity but you can do something to correct that, too. Just remain positive and motivated to burn fat and do this workout regularly.

Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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31 thoughts on “The Best Flat Belly Workout: Do it at home”

  1. Roberta Gym I am 76*kg and I want to go 67*kg but I cant keep diet please can you suggest me one exercise that help me to lose weight because you have much exercise and I dont know which to do please answer me

  2. It's my 6 days on doing your exercise and I can say that I can see a difference on my body. My stomach became so smaller. Im doing this together with the side hips exercise everyday. Believe me guys its worth it…

  3. i will be starting the workout soon so reply to remind me and i will update everyday!

    day 1✅ : it wasn’t as bad as i thought it was gonna be being my first time but some of the exercises where hard to do but i got threw it pretty well and i’m excited to see what the other days have to offer will keep updated! also i skipped most of the breaks bc i feel like they were too early and to often!
    day 2:

  4. I love your videos. your videos make me and my big brother fit. I want to tell our names my name is aarna .i I am 7 years old. I am in 3 grade. my big brother 's name is aarav . he is 9 years old. he is in 5 grade. thank you so much for your videos. thank you Roberta so much. thank you

  5. so we just do this one video everyday or can we do another video with it too. like this one and the “how to lose lower belly fat video” ?

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