The Flat Stomach Pilates Workout | Fat Burning Routine

With wedding season on the rise, we figure this is exactly what all the ladies need.

So we took that cue and here you go!

3 quick and easy pilate moves done regularly and you’re on your way to Ab city!

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39 thoughts on “The Flat Stomach Pilates Workout | Fat Burning Routine”

  1. Ohh. I feel so sorry for her… when i see her bulgy tummy… people gonna rip your confidence off from posting anything next time

  2. People, there's no reason to be mean. She knows her shit and she's trying to help us. Female body goes through a lot during life time. She's having a little bit of a tummy would not stop any of us from achieving the intended results by following these exercises.Just be thankful.

  3. when a person wants to train u he starts the training before the person got slim that is why she is trying to show us how she became slim after doing the exercise so that u get positive results . why don't u guys see the end of the video coz there is a picture on which she is slim.

  4. I do always see these fitness videos. but noone has ever thought about "How can one loose weight or keep themselves fit while working in night shifts. ". Because I work in night shifts and gaining weight and moreover have no clue what to eat as we work in totally opposite timing. Please suggest.

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