The Most Fun 15 Minute Cardio Dance Fitness Workout EVER

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39 thoughts on “The Most Fun 15 Minute Cardio Dance Fitness Workout EVER”

  1. Asthmatics… I must warn you… do greatly prepare beforehand. Because… I… have reached… exhaus…tion… by minute… 2:21… Good luck!

  2. Amazing!!! Loved their energy and moves!!! Had a lot of fun. If the instructor would have not been so motivational, I would have given up long back. Also good songs!

  3. I'm glad I found this channel, subscribed instantly. I'm overweight and have been trying to lose weight by doing all sorts of exercises. I would do 200 jumping jacks or 50 squats or 25 pushups and sweat a bucket, but at the end of it, couldn't feel my legs below the knees for 5 minutes lol. This looks a much more fun way to achieve the same goal although I couldn't follow the steps exactly as you show. I made it up to 5:30 today, but I will steadily improve and make it all the way to the end soon.

  4. gonna be challenging myself to complete the entire dance workout in one session within a week, woop wooooooop !!!

    • • •

    day 1:
    first session 7:45 minutes in, had to take a break to drink some water, have a feeling my throat getting too dry is gonna be the main obstacle for me lol.
    about half an hour later or so, i attempted a second session, in which i got to 11:08 minutes! i might've gotten my legs a bit too sore in the process tho haha – might have to end up taking tomorrow or so off if that's the case :'D
    eight hours later, did a third (and probably final lol) session. this time, got to a slightly better time of 12:40 before deciding to call it. i could've continued for a bit longer probably if i reaaally wanted to since i wasn't out of breath yet, but i think my kneecaps specifically were close to vanquishing by the time i decided to end it LOL

    day 2:
    had to take the day off because my calves have perished lol

    day 3:
    had to skip today as well because of me not being able to do anything without my legs in full working order aha

    day 4:
    i'm backkkk WOO gonna do another session today ✌️ first one of the day and i got 13:36 in!! about a minute better than my previous time. i was expecting to have actually done worse this time due to not exercising at all within the past 2 days, but i was proven wrong!! a pleasant surprise :] i feel a liiiiittle bad since i took a sip of water halfway through the session — i'm hoping to get to a point where i can do this without any water or breaks during it — but now that i type it out it seems kind of dumb lol.
    AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! did the second session for today, 10 or so hours later, i TOTALLY thought i'd do worse because my stomach started hurting in the middle of it (because i ate half a cookie an hour earlier or because i did another workout prior????), but NOPE, i got thru it!!!!!!! the entire 16 minutes!!!!!! without breaks or water during it!!!!!!!!! yesssss!!!!!!!! i kinda half assed a lot of it because i was tired and stuff but like……..the burpees……..i did the burpees…….. hell yes i'm a peasant but just for today i can be a queen……….
    i'm totally gonna try to perfect doing it for the rest of the week tho! ;P it's a killer workout and the calorie burn for it gets me hella excited

  5. Starting this today!
    current kg: 57 kgs

    day 1: i was dripping in sweat but i had fun!
    day 2: it was better than yesterday but still sweating a lot
    day 3: i guess it went pretty quickly
    day 4: done! wow it was so quick and the burpees are becoming easier!
    day 5: guys as much as i had fun doing this i realized that during and after the exercise i had some breathing problems since i have asthma. it got to the point that i could only do 5 minutes today. i had to take so many breaks in 5 minutes so i’m gonna stop doing this exercise but in 5 days i’n down to 55.5 kgs! if you wanna try this just go for it!

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