Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Workout Routine | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health

Tom Brady’s workout routine is the key to his longevity. His athletic trainer, Alex Guerrero, breaks down the unique band workout that’s gotten Tom prepared for his record-breaking number of Super Bowls. Watch more Men’s Health ‘Train Like a Celebrity’ videos HERE:

• Banded Run
• Standing Row (1 set to failure)
• Banded Pushup (1 set to failure)
• Banded Core Rotation (1 set to failure)
• Banded Deadlift (1 set to failure)
• Banded Bicep Curl (1 set to failure)
• Banded Tricep Extension (1 set to failure)
• Deceleration Lunges (1 set to failure)
• Banded Shoulder Press (1 set to failure)
• X Band Squat (1 set to failure)

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17 thoughts on “Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Workout Routine | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health”

  1. I don’t even really follow football but I’m here after Brady’s 7th ring! Actually he’s not really very buff at all, proves that athleticism is so much more

  2. This guy looks like he's wacking off during every exercise…calm the f down bro. 1000 reps a second isn't necessary and if I saw you or anyone else in the gym going hyperspeed I'd be lmao

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