WAIST and ABS BURN (7 Day Flat Belly Challenge) | 30 minute Workout

This is a waist and abs fat burn, 30 minute home workout. Part of the 7 day flat belly workout challenge. These small waist and abs fat loss exercises will show you how to tighten into a smaller waist and lose belly fat from home. You can do this workout at home!

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Please remember that we cannot spot reduce fat, meaning we can’t choose the areas on our body where we loose fat. However to get fat loss results I recommend the following
1. Being in calorie deficit
2. Cardio/ HIIT workout (I often call these Fat Loss/Burn workouts on my channel)
3. Specific muscle targeted workouts. To strengthen and develop specific muscles.
The key to achieving your fitness and health goals is consistency and healthy lifestyle changes, without restriction. I don’t believe in crazy fad diets. Simply eat nutritious food, move your body, smile and enjoy the journey! Love Lilly


30 thoughts on “WAIST and ABS BURN (7 Day Flat Belly Challenge) | 30 minute Workout”

  1. Thank you Lilly. I started this video feeling nasty and shameful because I haven't worked out in a week and I left feeling amazing and beautiful!!! 🙂 Love from Texas

  2. I literally finished this and didn’t feel too much of a burn BUT my abs were POPPIN after this. I know it’s just “the pump” or whatever but my abs have never looked this defined lol

  3. I just finished this for day 14 of the Hourglass Building Guide! After doing the finishers, the guide will be done, you've all got this ❤

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